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West Des Moines Lacrosse Club

High School FAQ

Playing lacrosse in high school can be a new and exciting experience for players.  Below are common questions parents have had as their player transitions from middle school to high school.  If still have questions, please contact the Club mail box


When do practices begin and how many times per week at the beginning of the season? Is it the same throughout the season?

High School practices begin the weekend of January.  Players should arrive in time to be on the field at 6am and ready to begin practice.  Practices will be indoors at various gyms in West Des Moines up to spring break.  Practices are usually 2 times per week in the evenings and 1 time on weekends in the mornings.  Schedules will be loaded into Team Snap.


When do games begin? Any pre-season games or tournaments prior to spring break?

The season officially begins for both girls and boys at the end of March/first of April.  Both teams often play in out of town tournaments prior to the season beginning.  Tournament details will be communicated through Team Snap.


How and when are game schedules communicated?

All team activities are communicated and posted in Team Snap.  High School players are accountable for communications in Team Snap.


Is there more than one high school team? ex. JV & Varsity

Depends upon how many players we have participating in a given year.  Our goal is to have both JV and Varsity teams for our high school players as it gives players more opportunity to play in games and play within their skill level.


How much travel?

WDM participates in MGLL (girls) and NELAX (boys) leagues.  Both leagues are made up of teams from Nebraska.  The teams will travel approximately 50% of time for games on weekends.  We try to play two games per travel but it’s not always possible.  In addition, both teams will play in out of town tournaments prior to the season.  All schedules are posted in Team Snap.  Travel is the responsibility of the player’s parents.  Players are not allowed to personally drive to out of town games.  If a player needs to ride to an out of town game, contact your team manager who will help find a ride.


Is there overnight travel?

Yes there may be an overnight if there are games scheduled the next day or an early start.  Coaches and managers will communicate in plenty of time to allow parents to plan accordingly.  We may communicate hotel options for the players to be together.  All travel expenses are responsibility of players.


Is any different gear/clothing needed?

Gear remains the same, however, make sure you check the US Lacrosse website for any safety requirements or changes.  High school players will be given a team uniform for games.  Boys purchase their shorts, tops are owned by the Club.  Girls are issued uniform tops and bottoms.  All players should have pinnies that are used during practice and for JV Games.  Contact team managers if you have questions. 


Are there any social/gathering times for the team outside of practice?

None are scheduled at time but welcome parents to organize.


Do we need to do something different in Team Snap for players?

High School players are responsible for managing all activities in team snap.  Make sure the player’s email and cell phone number are entered into their profile.  If players cannot make a practice or game, they are responsible for notifying coaches


For early season practices that may overlap with other winter sports/commitments. Is this an issue?

If players cannot make a practice or game, there are responsible for notifying coaches.  We will work with players accordingly. 




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The West Des Moines Lacrosse Club (WDMLAX) fields boys and girls teams for players in grades 3-12. We offer programs for youth, middle school and high school.  The club is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501c3 organization, and strives to provide players with the best coaching, facilities, and competition available.  WDMLAX is a member of several leagues based on gender and age of the players.  We welcome players from various communities and schools in central Iowa. Regardless of whether you've played the game before, you are welcome to join our club or join us for a practice to see if you like the sport.  We are not affliated nor sponsored by a school district, however, we utlize West Des Moines School District facilities and thank them for their support to grow the sport of lacrosse in Iowa.  See the About Us page for more information about our programs