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West Des Moines Lacrosse Club

FCA High School Lacrosse Character and Leadership Camp 2022

High School Boys JV and Varsity Lacrosse Players and Dads you don’t want to miss a leadership camp like no other!

WHAT: It is a camp that we focus on Relationship Building at a Championship level!  What we desire for our young men is to have great Character and be strong enough to lead themselves and others in a positive and powerful way.  The Iowa National Guard will professionally assists us with master trained service personnel to oversee activities such as The Leadership Reaction Course, Obstacle Course, Rappelling, and Airsoft. Three great men of courage and success will share motivational and inspiring messages of perseverance in overcoming adversity to achieve against all odds: A Marine, An MMA fighter, A Convict, and A Hall of Fame Guitarist.  Over the years the camp has built into something special for the players that has translated to the field and life in amazing ways. The time we spend together will contain challenges requiring grit and toughness as we will compete and encourage one another to grow in Mind, Body and Heart.  The experience is like no other as we have great meals together and work on building our team from the heart out  The nights staying in the barracks and hanging out with one another have stories all their own. The main thing is to be together, so there is NO cost to any participant and no have to’s, only want to’s.

WHEN:  Friday, July 29, 1pm – Sunday, August 1, 1pm

WHO: All boys entering high school grade 9-12 next fall and their dad, uncle, adult brother or mentor.  If you are entering 8th grade and would like to participate please contact Chris to discuss.

WHERE: Camp Dodge, Johnston, IA

COST: None

MORE DETAILS: clck here to learn What to bring

ABOUT FCA:  Campers of all faiths are welcome: of Faith, no Faith, agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Mormon, Seventh-Day Adventist, Catholic, and many others.  FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) has solid beliefs that are open for all to see with no hidden agendas, yet inclusive in love to open the door to involve any and all into our activities. The camp is built on a foundation of principles that ring true in life and found in the Christian Faith (FCA) as we encourage them in building meaningful relationships with one another.  Grace is said at meals, speakers who in their walks of life will share their stories, and at the end the camp on Sunday a flag ceremony and brief message that culminates with a blessing over the young men.  There are no alter calls or conversions being conducted in this camp as well as any dedicated prayer of devotional times.  If a camper on their own discretional time choses to conduct deep reflection or prayer, it would be up to them, however campers are very busy in activities and when they are hanging out in the barracks it is usually card games and “Bro” funtime talking about the crazy stuff of the day.

NOTE: West Des Moines Lacrosse Club is not hosting nor responsible for the event.  Event is voluntary participation.

RSVP by Tuesday, May 31 to Chris Barr: or 515-710-9220. Complete this waiver form and send to Chris

If you would like to help, below are a few items we need:

  • Saturday mid-afternoon we have a traditional Bags Tournament, which the dads must retain the title!!! So if you have a full sized set that you dominate on, please let me know that you can bring it.
  • Saturday night we like to do S’mores around the fire , we need the fixings for great S’mores.
  • Bring bottles of sunscreen and bug spray to share

This event is being coordinated and lead by Chris Barr.  Please contract Chris with any questions. or 515-710-9220

For nearly ten years I have been a Volunteer for FCA as a Character Coach serving athletics in the sport of football at both the High School and Collegiate levels.  As my son Ty has committed to take his Lacrosse game to the next level for both Fall and Spring, I have decided to take a long-standing camp and bring it over to Ty and his teammates;  it is difficult to express the magnitude of the camp’s impact upon the players and programs over the years. The experience is like no other and I look forward to sharing it with lacrosse. Strength and Courage.  CB


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The West Des Moines Lacrosse Club (WDMLAX) fields boys and girls teams for players in grades 3-12. We offer programs for youth, middle school and high school.  The club is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501c3 organization, and strives to provide players with the best coaching, facilities, and competition available.  WDMLAX is a member of several leagues based on gender and age of the players.  We welcome players from various communities and schools in central Iowa. Regardless of whether you've played the game before, you are welcome to join our club or join us for a practice to see if you like the sport.  We are not affliated nor sponsored by a school district, however, we utlize West Des Moines School District facilities and thank them for their support to grow the sport of lacrosse in Iowa.  See the About Us page for more information about our programs